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    This motto has made LANA GROSSA a successful specialist for knitting yarns throughout Central Europe. LANA GROSSA stands for both premium quality and creative designs.
    Our production programme covers everything that's in fashion and everything that makes you want knit your own fashion garments - from imaginative yarns in innovative materials to the classical sock yarns.
    Only the best is good enough. Every yarn must have its own message, a special structure, a modern image or unique functions. That's why LANA GROSSA have their yarns produced only by the leading spinning companies of Italy.
    LANA GROSSA yarns are available exclusively from upmarket retailers in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA - and of course online.
    ALWAYS SOMETHING SPECIAL can be found too in the trend fashion magazine FILATI by LANA GROSSA. In 8 editions per year it presents the latest fashions in knitwear - his and hers models straight from the catwalk. For kids you'll find lots of knitting ideas, which are not only attractive but suitable for the rough and tumble of the playground, and just what the kids want. Various booklets on special themes round off what's on offer.
    FILATI brings you everything to do with knitting - lots of creative ideas, tips and inspiration - and is available in specialist shops or at the newsagent's.



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    BioSoja - Lækker biologisk strikkegarn fra LanaGrossa
    bomuld soja garn - Flora fra LanaGrossa

    Flora - Lana Grossa

    45,00 kr.
    Billede af Navia nr. 13

    Navia nr. 13

    38,00 kr.
    Billede af Navia nr. 14

    Navia nr. 14

    38,00 kr.
    Billede af Navia nr. 15

    Navia nr. 15

    38,00 kr.
    Billede af Navia nr. 6

    Navia nr. 6

    38,00 kr.
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